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"Temple of Bodies" (20x15)

"Temple of Bodies" (20x15)


Spiritual art, Mormon art, art inspired by scriptures.

I learned recently that “ye” is a plural pronoun which gives “ye are the temple of God” new meaning to me. When I have thought of being sealed as a family, I didn’t like to think of it as being sealed to each other but each of us being sealed to God together (the distinction is very important to me). 
It’s interesting to me that our most sacred ordinances cannot be completed solo. I am learning that God is unity. Genuine and meaningful connections (those that are forged by love) are building a temple in which God will reside.



    Hand-cut collage mounted on fabric-wrapped art board.

    This collage was created with magazine clippings


    Pictured is the collage sitting on an easle. These collages can also be framed in regular photo frames and poster frames. Some sizes may need custom frames.